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Mobile PiP working better for everyone.

The Problem with PiP (Picture in a Picture)

The Current PiP mobile experience is one size fits all, as Henry Ford said about the Model T – ‘you can have it any color you want as long as it’s black.
The result is a solution that offers a passive experience with little choice for customers. One that is not responsive and is often ‘in the way’.
At the same time, publishers have a lack of control over the look and feel, limited content options and a solution that’s; inflexible, not ‘sticky’ and lack interaction. More importantly, for businesses, it doesn’t drive or lead engagement or maximize the revenue opportunities PiP can offer.

Fixing the Problem

[Float API]

Building a 'Content-First' solution.

As seasoned Developers with expertise in building and supporting video platforms  we knew a better solution for publishers and users was possible.

By taking a ‘Content First ‘ approach, we created a set of services, tools and resources for publishers  development teams. Allowing  them to take ownership of their PiP  UI & UX, the data it creates and the opportunities it presents.

How [FLOAT API] helps you

Giving your team the power over PiP

With [FLOAT API] on board, you can fully customize the look and feel of the PiP experience to make it a natural extension of your brand.

We provide you with front-end and back-end technology that is simple and fast to integrate. Complete video management and a  mapping service that works with any source. You can create channels, feeds of responsive content and have endless managed video assets.

You have total control of your end-user experience and your data.

An Innovators Dilemma ...

...or why buy when you can build?

Building tech from scratch is neither simple nor cheap. Costs of developers’ time and resources can impact the day-to-day of even the best organizations.

At Vboard we recognized that PiP could be improved and built [FLOAT API] as a tool for development teams who see the need but must factor in the larger impact and costs. We want to give your teams the resources, to do the things they want to do quickly, and cost-effectively.

All the tools and service you need

The Best Fit

A 'deploy anywhere' easy-to-use API and assets. The results are a faster time to market, higher engagement, more transactions, and better business outcomes. With minimum effort you control your own content rich flexible PiP video platform.

Contextual Video

[FLOAT API] has premium and niche content partners. Videos  relevant to your audience and customers from News, Business, Sports, Entertainment, and Lifestyle. Even live video. You can also add your own video content and ad stacks into the mix.

PiP Video Managed

The [FLOAT API] is supported by a comprehensive video management platform. Giving complete control of all video in and out and channel management. Features to easily map or upload video content from any source, external API or Ad feeds into the system.

A Branded PiP

Customizable UX & UI assets, unobtrusive integrations anywhere in your app or web app, including any chat feature, with no impact on brand, designs or user experience.

Care, Support & Check Ups

A dedicated integration team, enterprise grade security, full support and performance reporting. Regular updates, with improved performance, new features and content  options that continue to maximize the value add.

Analytics & Reporting

Integrate bespoke custom analytics to add to the suite of engagement analytics, behavioral data, revenue reporting and content analysis already available in the management platform.

Raise Your Game

We will work with you on a full demo integration with your  UI and relevant content for internal testing. We agree on scope and timing for implementation while providing full technical and commercial support. With continuous performance reporting, new features and content  options that continue to maximize the value add.


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