Float API

The 'PiP' API helping You make Your app Stickier.

Amazon, FlipKart, NTWRK and WhatsApp all know the sticking power of Picture in-Picture (PiP) video while users engage with their services.
Spend more time with YOUR customers by adding Vboard’s Float API custom PiP streaming into your app.

Out of Focus

Users switch apps to find videos to watch on their device’s native PiP player while they shop, chat and browse. Truth is, none of us give any app 100% attention anymore. We are all watching all the time, all double dipping on a single screen. PiP is the feature that became a habit.

These interruptions and distractions create FoMo and divert attention from your product. When your users do this it dilutes your brand’s impact on your users  experiences and decisions. As a business YOU should benefit from the videos your users watch when engaging with your service. 

Closing the Loop

We’re a  team of seasoned developers and know how hard it is to keep products sticky. With more competition than ever, platforms need ways to help their users multi-task in app and remain engaged.
We built Vboard’s Float API to help you easily create intuitive ‘non-interruptive’ in app experiences that drive engagement and increase transactions.

Content You Control

Vboard has a growing list of premium and niche content partners. Videos  relevant to your audience and customers from News, Business, Sports, Entertainment, and Lifestyle. You can also add your own video content and promotions into the mix.

The Vboard Promise
We know we can't solve all your retention challenges. But we can help keep your customers around a little longer while you do.

Float API. The Value Add.

Vboard’s Float API is sticky non interruptive in-app entertainment. Helping you take control and ownership of YOUR users PiP experience, the data it creates and the opportunities it presents.

An easy-to-use API and assets, and a fully-managed video platform on the backend means faster time-to-market.
The results are higher engagement, more transactions, and better business outcomes. With minimum effort you control your own content rich flexible PiP video platform.
The User Experience

We provide customizable UX and UI assets,  and designs that support simple unobtrusive integrations that can sit  anywhere* in your app or web app, and won’t get in the way of your designs or your customers experience.

*Including a keyboard integration that can launch your custom PiP player as simply as opening a gif or sticker library. People love to watch and share while they text!

Features Include:
  • Simple Video Media integration
  • Vast library of content organized by channel categories
  • Search, video meta data, pagination
  • Fast searching across millions of videos
  • Engagement analytics
  • Lightweight REST API

We deliver:
  • UI/UX customization 
  • Dedicated Integration Team
  • Full support
  • Back-end integrations
  • Multiple front-end UI integration solutions
  • Enterprise grade security
  • Custom APIs
  • Analytics Integration
How we serve you:
  • Demo integration with your  UI and relevant content for internal testing
  • We agree on full scope and timing for implementation
  • Full technical and commercial support
  • Continuous  performance reporting
  • New features and content  options that continue to maximize the value add

Float API

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